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Luke 1:37
因为在 神没有一件事是不可能的。
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I'm going to China in three days. Two, depending on how you count. I leave for Yantai, in the Shandong province of China on July 3rd.  I'm going there to teach english. That's about all I know.  I'm not an official missionary, I didn't go through any organization.  I got in contact directly with the school will be teaching at.  I told them I had an unaccredited associates degree in theology and offered my services to do something I've never formally studied: Teach english!  And what's crazier is that they hired me! 0.o
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28th-Jun-2007 02:28 pm - Sunsets
People keep asking me what I will miss when I leave. They don't seem to understand that I'm not actually attached to anything that I can't take with me. I may miss the New Mexico sunsets. I didn't miss them when I was in Japan, but then one often doesn't realize what one misses until they are back. Last night I realized I missed NM sunsets.
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26th-Jun-2007 07:21 pm - One week.
I'll be in China within a week. I got my plane ticket, my visa, my guitar, some books, clothes, what more do I need?

I want to get some gifts for people. I think it would be good to give little things to my coworkers. And the poor people who pick me up from the airport at midnight. I feel really bad that I couldn't get a better flight.

Does anyone have any suggestions on gifts I could pick up? Preferably nothing to expensive.

Oh, and before I can get to China I have to at least stay alive. I almost got t-boned at a stop sign yesterday. Then I saw someone in a white car go nuts on the highway. They started swerving across all four lanes, then fishtailed like mad (I actually thought they were going to flip) while their trunk popped open throwing all their loot in front of my car. They finally got it under control and pulled over. I almost ran over their back pack. I'm so glad no one nailed me from behind because I had to slow down quick.

Anyway, suggestions for gifts to bring to China?
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18th-Jun-2007 12:08 pm - Hiking
On Saturday I went for a hike with some friends. It was loads of fun. After that we went back to Mark's house to swim and eat. Good times.
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15th-Jun-2007 11:42 pm - Listening is a skill...
...that most, including myself, don't have. The problem is that most don't know it's a skill and don't try to develop it as such.
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14th-Jun-2007 11:09 am - 張懸
張懸 (zhang (or deserts) xuan) is an artist that i have been trying to get my hands on for ages. I tried to order her album My Life Will... months ago. But yesasia gave me my money back and told me they couldn't find her CD anywhere. It took me a good 6 months of looking to finally track down a torrent. And I have to leave it up for days and days before I ever got anything. The torrent actually never finished because it had a few music videos. But I got the CD... finally.

As far as Chinese music goes deserts xuan is a breath of fresh air. It's good to have someone that plays guitar and writes their own songs. She has a great chill style with a voice to match. I'm totally excited that I finally got it!
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9th-Jun-2007 12:38 pm - dissociating phrases
Every Friday there is a young adults bible study at the church I go to when I'm in NM. I was really disturbed by the study last night. There have been a lot of changes since I left. Which is good, except when change is bad. It's good to have a relaxed Bible study, but it is God's Word after all. And I feel that there is a blasé atmosphere among most. There are a couple into it, but it just feels like no one expects anything to happen. And this is not even what disturbed me.

What bothered me was something that is all over the church, but I just noticed it last night. There are certain phrases people use that sound great but have no real weight in their life. Last night we talked about worship a little bit. If a discussion comes up on worship I can predict exactly what people will say. First they will talk about it not being just a song like most people think (but everybody says that so obviously nobody thinks it's just a song). Then they will bring up different catch phrases to describe worship "as a lifestyle". "For me worship is pointing to Christ in everything, praising Him in everything, etc" You get the point.

Alright that's great. But so what? Did anyone leave the study last night thinking about how they are going to do that? Phrases like that have a certain dissociating quality to them. It's a way of connecting spiritual truths to one's life without letting it change anything.

Why aren't there answers like these?

"For me worship is giving the homeless guy who asked for spare change my last 20 bucks because Jesus said, give to those who ask."

"For me worship is sitting across the street of an abortion clinic offering to help the moms who have no option."

"For me worship is celibacy."

"For me worship is having a huge BBQ every Saturday for any homeless people who want a lunch."

"For me worship is seeing that prostitute as a mom and asking her how I can help."

"For me worship is going to gay bars and talking to guys about Jesus."

"For me worship was skipping church last Sunday because I saw a teenager who obviously slept on the street. So I took him out to breakfast instead."

"For me worship is building the church a decent website and keeping it current."

"For me worship is dropping every tenth cigarette in the offering plate."

"For me worship is protesting war."

"For me worship is turning my iPod off and listening to the wind."

You get the point. Comments like these would get people thinking about worship in a way that would change how they live. But how is the worship-is-pointing-to-God-in-everything attitude going to draw anyone closer to God? It won't change any actions. And it's what we do as well as what we believe that will build this love relationship.

For me... worship is...
1st-Jun-2007 04:38 am - Around town
Yesterday I went around Albuquerque taking pictures.
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23rd-May-2007 03:44 pm - It's over
The end of an era. Bible College. Because of my outstanding ability to graduate from a 2 year unaccredited college my parents decided to give me a toy. OK, I make it out to be easier than it was. Half the people I knew at the beginning never finished. Forget it, on to the toy.

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19th-May-2007 05:54 pm - The End
Service. Every season of life tends to have it's themes. Before I came to Bible College I was an intern at my church. That season the Lord taught me service. Being a servant to all.
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